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Sunken Shower Bathroom Remodeling Project Austin Tx by Vintage Modern Design Build

Sunken Shower / Tub Bathroom Remodeling Project in Austin Tx Pt 1

This bathroom remodeling project in Austin Tx is one of the more interesting projects I have encountered in quite some time.The homeowner just moved into this bungalow in the Zilker Park neighborhood of Austin Tx and wanted to immediately remodel the slate bathroom that had been remodeled by the previous homeowner. The homeowner was wanting […]

Eichler mid century modern home build / remodeling project austin tx

Eichler Style Mid Century Modern Home Build / Full Home Remodeling Austin Tx

This is a new Eichler inspired mid century modern home design, build, and remodeling project that we recently completed in Austin Tx. The pictures show various stages of different aspects of the home construction as well as the finished results of our designs and remodeling work.  You can see the various stages of the kitchen […]

Home Office Remodel Austin Tx

Full house remodeling project in Austin Tx

This is a home office remodeling project that we have completed in Austin Tx.  In the previous post you can see a soundproof home recording studio we built in this home which is also a part of this ongoing full house remodeling project.  The homeowners were so impressed with the woodwork that they asked us […]

Recording Studio Builder Austin Tx

Soundproof home recording studio remodel in Austin Tx

This remodeling project is one of many that we have done in this Austin Tx home.  The homeowner was interested in creating a soundproof recording studio in the house and was lucky that we have had much experience soundproofing music rooms in peoples homes as well as constructing professional recording studios.  The best method for […]

Mid-Century Modern room addition Clarksville, Texas

Modern Room Addition / Remodeling in Austin Tx

There is a trend that has been hitting Austin Tx.  These mid century historic bungalows are getting some ultra modern room additions and renovations .  This is what inspired us to take part in this ultra modern home remodeling project.  The homeowners had already remodeled their kitchen and did a victorian style bathroom remodel, but […]