Minimalist Modern Transitional Bathroom Remodeling Project in Austin Tx

This is a bathroom remodeling project we did in Austin Tx a while back.  The homeowner had a builder grade bathroom in a nicer neighborhood in the Four Corners part of Austin Tx.  They had some specific ideas in mind when they contacted me last year.  This is a second floor master bathroom that they wanted to created a huge walk in shower and eliminate the garden tub.  They also wanted to reduce the size of the window in the newly created shower space which involved us using scaffolding to remove the old siding, reframe for the new window, waterproof , insulate, and sheath the exterior wall before replacing the siding and exterior trim.  Take a look at the photos of this stunning minimalist modern transitional bathroom remodeling project in Austin Tx.

Minimalist Modern Transitional Bathroom Remodeling Project in austin Tx

Finished picture of bathroom and walk in shower

This is what the bathroom used to look like before the remodel

This is the waterproofing of the walk in tub to shower conversion

We started installing tile while we were waiting on the window delivery but left enough space to tie in our waterproofing.

We finished tiling after installing the new window and waterproofing that area of the walk in shower

We installed the shower valves at the entry point of the shower for a more convenience

Custom Made Vanity Cabinet by Lakeshore Home Gallery

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