Mid Century Modern Design Vintage Modern Austin, TX Austin Tx
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Mid-Century Modern Design

Here are pictures and descriptions of some of the work we’ve done on a Mid-Century Modern conversion here in Austin Tx.  We do specialize in Mid Century Modern Design and Vintage Modern Design in Austin Tx,  South Austin Tx, North Austin Tx areas.

Before After

Entry- Replaced grid windows with sidelight windows.  Custom made door with frosted glass.  Installed 16″x16″ durango travertine to wall.  Removed tile floor and installed charcoal slate.

Before After

Fireplace pics– Painted walls mustard yellow.  Removed granite fireplace surround and replaced with cut strips of slate in a fat-fat-skinny pattern going all the way around fireplace walls.  Removed parquet floors and installed slate.  Removed planter boxes on sides of fireplace and eliminated fireplace hearth to make space more open and contemporary.  Installed recessed lighting around perimeter of soffit. On full view of room (phase 2) Sitting area of room, parquet floors have been replaced with travertine 18″x18″ stone which ties in with entry wall behind fireplace which is done with Durango Travertine 16″x16″ with micro beveled edges.

Before After

Living Room-You can see the travertine floor breaking up the space.  The walls of the kitchen, starting at the bar, are covered in Susan Jablon custom made glass tile (Flower power pattern).  Ceiling fan has been replaced with large Nelson Bubble lamp.  Faux brick has been painted white.  Removed white tile from kitchen area and installed charcoal slate. Removed curtain rods.  Painted living room walls mustard yellow.

Before After

Outside pics–  You can see the exterior entryway flagstone wall has been replaced with slate in pattern to match fireplace when you enter the home giving it continuity from outside the front door to interior entry.  Tile steps have been replaced with slate also.  Once again front door and windows have also been replaced.

Before After

Kitchen pics– Removed granite backsplash. Floated over venetian plaster and installed Susan Jablon custom made glass tile (Flower power pattern) over entire wall. Painted faux brick white. Updated fridge and dishwasher. Eliminated microwave shelf unit. Made custom built in for Breville toaster oven. Replaced granite window sills with slate.

Before picture of Exterior Slate Remodel in Austin,  Tx

Slate Wrapped Mid Century Modern Home in Austin,  Tx








Slate Wrapped Exterior- Wrapped the exterior of the home in cut down pieces of slate in a pattern to match the entryway and interior fireplace.  The center brick column and garage doors were replaced by a single aluminum framed garage door with frosted glass panels.  The exterior of this home has been transformed from a common brick ranch style home to a Mid Century Modern work of art.

master bedroom remodel in  Tx - before pic

Mid-Century Modern Master Bedroom Remodel- After Pic








Master Bedroom Remodel- The walls were painted mustard yellow and we installed 3 edge grain mahogany panels with a slate pattern tiled around the wood panels to give the look of a built in headboard for the bed since the wall was too narrow to put an actual headboard.



Before After
bathroom remodeling the woodlands  * Limestone bathroom remodeling the woodlands/ spring tx

Master Bathroom Remodel–  Originally this bathroom had a small shower (you can see the footprint in the picture on the left.  The toilet was right across from the shower.  The only was to make this shower a descent size, was to move the toilet to the other side of the bathroom.  I then built a partial wall to frame in the new walk in shower, which is now 38 square feet.  we made a free floating bench.  in the space between the new wall and the back of the bathroom, I custom made a free floating vanity out of mahogany with zero clearance doors.  The walls to either side of the vanity are done in 2×2 sandstone tiles.  The shower and all the rest of the bathroom walls are done in limestone.   The bathroom countertop is done in mosaic granite.  I put the shower valve at the entry of the shower.  They are Grohe valves with 2 railheads and a handheld.  This bathroom remodeling project is more minimalist modern, but it goes well with the mid century modern theme in the rest of this home in the woodlands tx.


During After
remodeling in the woodlands tx garage remodel in the woodlands tx

Garage Remodel–  This garage was originally covered in vinyl tiles in some ugly beige color.  I wanted to do a classic grand prix style checkerboard floor.  The shelving system was left open for maximum accessibility.  This garage remodel was in the woodlands.


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