Custom Milled Marble Bathroom Remodel in Austin Tx

Marble Bathroom Remodel in Austin Tx

This is a marble bathroom remodeling project in Lakeway / Tx. This is a picture of a shower Austin Tx. The home itself was only a few years old and the downstairs shower was showing signs of water damage. We ended up remodeling all three bathrooms in this home. These are pictures of the master bathroom remodel. The master bathroom was done in a Crema Marfil Marble. The homeowner didn’t want to remodel the whole bathroom, but was concerned about the integrity of the shower. After throwing around design ideas, we ended up custom milling the stone for this walk in shower in alternating rows of Crema Marfil and Thassos Marble. This was one of my favorite remodeling projects last year. Pictured below are a progress shot as well as a detail picture of the shampoo niche. Notice how the pattern continues through the shampoo boxes. We grouted each row of stone separately with alternating white and linen grout. Notice how all of the mitered inside corners are angled perfectly and line up perfectly on the wall. The mill marks on the outside corners have all been polished with 800 grit. The ceiling and floor were both done with 5/8″ honed Crema Marfil mosaics. The end result is a very contemporary bathroom remodel. If you are in Austin / Tx and are in need of a bathroom remodel, give us a call for a free quote.
Marble bathroom remodel in Lakeway / Austin Tx
Striped Shower Shampoo box Lakeway / Austin Tx

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