Bathroom Remodeling Project in Austin Tx

Austin Tx Bathroom RemodelingThis is a bathroom remodeling project we are working on in Austin Tx.  This is the children’s bathroom and we choose to use tile as opposed to the natural stone.  We also went with a lighter theme using these crushed quartz tiles that look amazingly close to high grade Thassos Marble.  We also made custom cabinetry with 1/8th inch clearance doors and will have a high gloss piano finish when it is done.  The homeowner wanted to get a tub that was deep enough for adults.  This is a high quality modern style tub that is perfect for this bathroom remodel.  This is one of four bathrooms that we are remodeling in this Austin Tx home.  We will keep you posted with pictures of the progress of this Austin Tx Remodeling Project.  Austin Tx Bathroom Remodeling

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