Home Office Remodel Austin Tx

Full house remodeling project in Austin Tx

This is a home office remodeling project that we have completed in Austin Tx.  In the previous post you can see a soundproof home recording studio we built in this home which is also a part of this ongoing full house remodeling project.  The homeowners were so impressed with the woodwork that they asked us […]

Recording Studio Builder Austin Tx

Soundproof home recording studio remodel in Austin Tx

This remodeling project is one of many that we have done in this Austin Tx home.  The homeowner was interested in creating a soundproof recording studio in the house and was lucky that we have had much experience soundproofing music rooms in peoples homes as well as constructing professional recording studios.  The best method for […]

Bathroom Remodeling Project in Lost Creek / Austin Tx

Bathroom Remodeling Project Lost Creek / Austin Tx

This is a bathroom remodeling project that we did a few weeks ago in the Lost Creek neighborhood of Austin Tx which is just near west lake hills.  The homeowners had just bought a mid century home that looked like it had been remodeled in the late 80’s.  They spent so much on the purchase […]

kitchen remodeling project in Austin Tx

Mid Century Modern Remodeling Project Austin Tx Before and after pics with descriptions

We recently collaborated on a full house construction project in Austin Tx with BRB.  I wanted to show a few of the differences between our designs in comparison to one of their other homes.  I have focused primarily on the kitchen, the hall bathroom, and master bathroom.  I will point out that this is not […]

Eichler home Construction / Full house remodel in Austin Tx

Mid Century Modern Home Build in South Austin Tx

This is a new home home build in South Austin Tx that we recently collaborated on with BRB.  They have already built a few homes with this Eichler inspired structure which is a 1,800sf plan with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  Although we really like the structure and floor plan,  they were playing it safe […]

bathroom remodeling project in Zilker park / Austin Tx

Bathroom Remodeling Project in Austin / Zilker Park

This is a remodeling project we recently completed in the Zilker Park neighborhood of Austin Tx The homeowner purchased this condo unit as a rental income property and the bathroom had just been remodeled prior to the purchase. The shower and bedroom are up above a carport and there were some substantial issues to the […]

Modern Bathroom Remodeling Project Austin

Minimalist Modern Black & White Bathroom Remodeling Project in Austin Tx

We were hired to construct 2 showers for these 2 bathroom remodeling projects in this Clarksville home in Austin Tx. The homeowner was the general contractor for a majority of this project and wanted to make sure his master bathroom shower was constructed properly. We first had to correct the framing of the walls in […]

Bathroom Remodeling Project by Vintage Modern Design Build

Progress Picture Bathroom Remodeling Project in Austin

our last post shows the reference picture that a client gave us for a bathroom remodeling project that we are working on. Our client wanted us to recreate the look in the picture. Re double walled behind where the mirror is going to be placed and installed custom cabinets for storage, I’m sure the bathroom […]