About Us


The owner of this company has designed and physically worked on every project on this website with his own two hands.  There is no stock photography on this site!


About The Owner

I have been in the construction industry for over 24 years.  I also have an extensive background in fine art,  design,  and music composition.  I started my first company when I was 17 years old.

I come from California, where they set the building code standards for the nation.  I was the sole employee of a highly skilled General Contractor that believed in doing everything himself. Out there you have to be really good to even be in the game.  I was very lucky to work with this man.

When I first moved to Austin, I spent some of my time working for other remodeling contractors…..I was surprised at how many of the project managers and business owners did not understand many aspects of the jobs that they had taken on.  Ask any of these contractors bidding your job specifics about the procedures they use for any part of your project and you will be surprised.  Watch my video on our shower construction methods (A few paragraphs down), when you get done watching, you will probably know more about constructing a shower than they do.  I can tell you how I have built every single project pictured on this site in detail.  I can also tell you why we designed them in their respective styles and why we used the materials that we had chosen.  I strive to be the best out here….with our designs, procedures, and the experience we leave my clients with.

About Our Team

The crew that works with me have learned my way of doing things and understand what our clients have come to expect.  I am very passionate about our work and expect the same from each member of our team.  There is no one with me that is  here just for a paycheck, although I do pay them quite well compared to most contractors.  We are nerds about our work.  I am proud of our creations and so are they.  When we finish a project, I equate the feeling to making the winning touch down or something to that effect.   Please take the time to look through our galleries and recent projects to see the consistency of our designs and work.  Thank You”



If you are looking for someone to design and  remodel your home in Austin TX, or any of the surrounding areas, then you’ve come to the right place.

As you look through the pictures on this website, you will notice that I design each and every project to have a unique look that fits the styles that my clients are wanting to achieve.  Whether you are going for a  Modern, Minimalist, Traditional, Victorian, or any style in between – I can convey and incorporate these styles into your remodeling project.

As I’ve looked at the websites of many interior designers in the area as well as other contractors that have their own “Design Teams”, I find a lack of creativity. Comparing the pictures of their work, it is hard to distinguish one designer from the next, as if they just looked through architectural digest and are just trying to copy current trends.

Getting schooled in color theory and fabrics doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to know the practical application of these materials and know how to integrate them in a way that suits your clients needs.  You can’t learn talent,  you either have it or you don’t.  My design work speaks for itself.  

Look through our galleries and in whichever style you find appealing you will find our designs unique.  We are not rehashing the same ideas over and over.  Our hands-on knowledge of the construction process also gives us a better understanding of the best application of building products and layouts while helping us avoid many of the issues clients experience with most designers and their lack of construction knowledge.

We are currently in the site prep phase of  constructing one of our single story, 1,000 square foot, Eichler-style, MCM,  Micro-Style Home in Lakeway, Tx / Austin, Tx.  This is our design and the first of our custom home builds that is being financed in house.  It is one of our first blog entries under recent projects in the navigation bar.

Construction and Remodeling

Instead of sub-contracting every aspect of home construction (as done by most home builders, kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractors), we understand the only way to maintain a consistent high level of quality is to have all of the finish trades in house and constantly check the sub contracted trades (foundations, plumbing, & electrical). This ensures that all aspects of our procedures are done correctly every time.


Even when sub contracting out the concrete work, our team is there checking all of the forms to make sure that everything is plumb, level, square, and constructed as per the plans.


Since we are all highly skilled carpenters, our framing is done well beyond what you would expect from most framing crews. In addition to crowning our studs we make sure our framing is plumb, level, & square (Using the highest quality of beams, hardware, hand selecting our lumber as much as possible). We are even experts at troubleshooting and correcting existing structural issues in your home.

Waterproofing Methods

Our showers are constructed beyond the guidelines set forth by The Tile Council of North America ( Which is the standard for building code across the nation). Since the most important and often neglected aspects in Bathroom Remodeling we have a whole page dedicated to the step by step shower construction process that we abide by.

Aside from the fact that we take the time to install a concrete pre slope below the membrane, counter flash that with the hardibacker, caulk and fiber tape all of the joints and seams, paint a rubberized waterproof coating (Hydroban, Aquadefense), and install a proper dry pack with crushed rock around the drain as to not clog the weep holes with concrete (Note: we don’t use mortar mix, we mix our own 3 to 1 scoop ratio of sand to portland cement).

Tile and Stone Installation

Most tile and stone installers will just use a notch trowel on the wall and stick each piece of stone or tile to it. The problem with this standard method is that the small variances in the wall will come through in the finished stonework. For example a corner cut might be 8 inches at the bottom of the wall and 8 ¾ inches at the top.

To avoid this we fir the walls out at the framing stage under the backer board which takes care of most of it. The rest of it we take out by floating out each piece of tile or stone, tapping it into place until the level reads plumb and level. By back-buttering each piece of stone we also ensure it is making full contact with the wall. We put a long straight edge along the surface of the material to make sure it is perfectly flat.