Travertine Bathroom Remodeling Project in Lakeway Tx / Austin Tx

travertine bathroom remodeling project in lakeway tx / austin tx

Bathroom remodeling project in Lakeway / Austin TX done by Vintage Modern Design Build -Travertine Stone 2nd floor



These homeowners were on the fence for years about going through with their second floor master bathroom shower remodel here in Lakeway / Austin  TX. While checking my references, they looked at the bathroom pictured in the last post and decided to go with the same style. They liked the material selection but wanted us to move the decorative accent banding to waist level and add a shower seat on the end of the bathtub. Another nice clean bathroom remodel. The bathroom floor underlayment consists of Hardibacker in a mortar bed so that there is never the possibility of the floor flexing and popping tiles.  This is a timeless design that has been a popular bathroom design for me with my Austin TX clientele.

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