Soundproof home recording studio remodel in Austin Tx

This remodeling project is one of many that we have done in this Austin Tx home.  The homeowner was interested in creating a soundproof recording studio in the house and was lucky that we have had much experience soundproofing music rooms in peoples homes as well as constructing professional recording studios.  The best method for creating a soundproof room in a home is to build a room within a room.  The idea is that we don’t want the sonic vibrations to transfer through from one material to another.  You can see in the first picture that we have double walls and the floor has also been raised off of the floor.  The framing for the floor was built on U channeling that won’t let the low end frequencies travel through the floor.  In the second picture you can see how we installed resilient channeling on the walls.  This channeling also helps act as a shock absorber to further help in suppressing sound transfer through the walls.  
As a part of this recording studio remodeling project in Austin, the homeowner wanted to be able to look into the room through a soundproof window.  We couldn’t find anything to buy that would compliment the rest of the home that had been remodeled with Mahogany trim.  We decided to construct a custom window with 2 separate panes of glass.  One panel is 1/2 inch and the other is 1/4 inch.  Each panel is resting on separate walls that you can see pictured above.  We also made sure the panels were installed at a slight tilt so as to dissipate the sound.  The center mahogany panel is free floating on a foam rubber channel.  We stained it English Chestnut to match the rest of the remodeling we have done in the home.

Recording Studio Builder Austin Tx

In order to tune the room we created this Mahogany wall with 2 separate thicknesses and widths of wood in a diagonal square within square pattern.  The floor is Anderson Glue down flooring.  To tune the room we installed Auralux panels in custom mahogany frames to match the rest of the trim in the room.  This was a fun and interesting project.  The homeowners liked this soundproof room very much.  They were so impressed with the woodwork, that we were asked to bid remodeling their office with custom mahogany cabinetry and wainscot which will be in the next post.  If you are in need of residential remodeling in Austin Tx or are wanting to have a contractor bid a soundproof room in your Austin Tx home, give us a call.  Vintage Modern Design Build – Remodeling contractor in Austin Tx.

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