Design & Build Contractor Austin, Texas

We are an owner-operated design & build contractor that executes majority of our remodeling projects with our in house team. This is how we consistently keep the high quality level that our clients have come to expect.








One thing many people are not aware of is the fact that there is not much regulation of construction here in Austin Tx. Homeowners get a false sense of security assuming that home inspections are protecting them from faulty construction.  Anyone with tools can say they are a contractor. Many Austin based design and build firms are owned by entrepreneurs that don't have much construction knowledge.

These contractors rely on the knowledge and experience of their sub-contractors in order to execute their projects, whether it be kitchen & bathroom remodeling or building complete homes. We refer to these contractors as “briefcase builders”. So even if you see that someone has been doing this for a while, if they haven’t been properly educated in their trade, they are probably doing things wrong. So ask yourself, what is the difference between these companies? The nice website? The pictures? The impression you get from their smooth talking salesman?

The owner of this company has designed and physically worked on every project on this website with his own two hands.  There is no stock photography on this site!

Mid-Century Modern Room Addition, Clarksville, Texas

Kitchen Remodel Lakeway, TX

Step by Step Shower Construction